Mr Jamieson: under arrest!

by Adam

Help raise Mr Jamieson's bail!
Help raise Mr Jamieson’s bail!

As you know the Deputy Head Teacher, Mr Jamieson is going to be arrested. This is not real; he is doing it for charity.

He has asked the children of KHS to text ‘BAIL60’ so he can be bailed out of prison. He will be held at Harrow Wealdstone Station where he will be charged for stealing hats and hoodies. He will need £1000 bail funds…

The £1000 is going to St. Luke’s Hospice to pay for treatments and help the sick kids who are dying.
Here is the interview:

Q) Why are you getting arrested?

A) I’m told I will be charged with confiscating too many hats and hoodies

Q) How can you be bailed?

A) The money will be given to St Luke’s Hospice and £1100 has been raised online.

Q) How far are you willing to raise money?

A) I am prepared to be humiliated and embarrassed.

In the recent half an hour pupils have raised money to make a grand total of £1100. As this amount of money has been raised Mr Jamieson will be arrested in the morning and taken to jail until lunchtime seeing as enough money has been raised to bail him out. As a reward for the children donating money there will be live footage of him in jail.

Please text Bail60 £1 to 70070 to raise funds for this deserving cause, St Luke’s Hospice.


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