Perpetual Motion at Kingsbury

by Zinnia, Danica and Minal

Street dancers at Kingsbury High
Street dancers at Kingsbury High

As most of the students in Kingsbury High School already know that for a few evenings last week a performance called Perpetual Motion was put on. It was a brilliant showcase of talents of our very own!
All ages in our school could participate and a mixture of different kinds of people joined in, making new friends and sharing interests.

We interviewed one of the performers for her input about the experience and preparation needed to pull off such an amazing show to entertain the audience. This is how the interview went down:

Q: “So, how long had you been practicing for and did all the practice pay off in the end?”

A: “Well, we practiced for 3 ½ months and it definitely paid off in the end. Everyone enjoyed our performance and everyone was proud of themselves!”

Q: “Do you think more people should get involved? Why?”

A: “Definitely! Perpetual Motion isn’t just any dance show. It brings people together; you make new friends and get to know a whole new side to different teachers.”

Q: “Do you think Perpetual Motion should be done in other schools and more than every two years?”

A: “Yeah, It isn’t like any old production. It brings the whole school together in a way. I and others think that schools should do something like perpetual motion. It gets the community involved as well.”

We also interviewed a member of the audience to see what they thought of the show and they said “Absolutely amazing performance. I didn’t even know that Kingsbury high school had loads of really talented dancers and I think perpetual motion was a great way to show parents and friends their talent!”

As students at Kingsbury High we are very proud of our peers for participating in such an interesting club. It required a high level of commitment and also a lot of hard work. On the weekends when we were all probably sitting at home, relaxing they were at school practising for the show, pretty impressive! This performance only comes around every 2 years and the performers this time set a really great example and should have inspired many to join next time – and so you should. But it’s not all the work of the dancers because all of the choreography used in Perpetual motion was created and organised by Ms Hughes and Ms Patchick and amazing 6th formers! Kingsbury High school promotes for students to grasp opportunities so a huge congratulation to the students that did perpetual motion and did just that!

Doesn’t this inspire you to take advantage of opportunities and try new things? As a matter of fact, most of the people that did perpetual motion didn’t even like dance at the beginning of year 7. It’s amazing how far trying new things will get you, isn’t it?


Image: Steve Foster; Credit to key staff: Ms Patchick, teacher, and student choreographers.


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