Red Nose Day: Teachers and Pupils Swap Roles

by Janki

Miss Snow is a good student.. but for how long?
Miss Snow is a good student.. but for how long?

Red Nose Day was celebrated in style in Kingsbury High School. Two splendid teachers called Ms Snow and Mr Jenkins dressed up as two innocent students. They dressed up as students because they wanted their year group to understand how to be the best student for the day. Also that inspired many students on how to behave, how to listen to the teachers. We asked Ms Snow about her experience….

Question: what inspired you to be a student on red nose day?
Answer: well we knew it would be a good way to help raise money. Me and Mr Jenkins are really attached to our year group so we want them to understand every part of their school life and the best way to do that is to dress up as students and spend the day in their world.

Question: what charity does KHS support?
Answer: oh there is so many over the year like when there was the tsunami we raised a huge amount of money there. We tried to help children in need when it comes around and also sport relief. Um this year year 8 through the Olympic legacy also supporting 3 cancer trusts. So we are supporting st Luke hospice, the teenage cancer trust and stand up for cancer which is which is our own research UK.

Question: ok how much money did khs raise on red nose day?
Answer: on red nose day we raised one thousand five hundred and twenty two so far and pennies are still coming in

Question: what inspired the children to dress up and hold a stall on red nose day?
Answer: I think the biggest thing on red nose day was that it was a fun charity day. So even though you are dealing with a serious work; every child can get involved in the charity work. It makes them want to put a little bit of red or they really want to go for it. It’s something that the whole school can get involved in. they had a really good time.

Thank you for your time…

So to conclude I think Ms Snow had a great time on Red Nose Day and that it really meant to her. Also Kingsbury High School supports a lot of charity and the whole school was really up for it. Not to mention that Kingsbury High raised an awful lot of money for Red Nose Day and it’s still receiving more …


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