Sandwiches or Sugar: You Pick

By Danica

The Famous Ice-cream Van
The Famous Ice-cream Van

The ice-cream van outside KHS: is it as good as it seems? Buying sweets from this kid-friendly, colourful bus makes pupils late for their lessons in the upper building… but kids still buy from it. We ask: are kids being ‘ripped off’? Are the sweets being sold there risen in price because of the amount of kids who buy them?

Kids know that they could get into trouble if caught buying from the ice-cream van. But most of the children I talked to said that they would rather risk getting caught buying sweets for themselves and their friends. They buy sweets mornings and afternoons. Kids are wasting money by buying expensive sweets from the ice-cream van. Some kids even say that they would prefer having a section in the canteen for sweets. At least then they wouldn’t be given a consequence.

Kiaan, a year 8 student from Kingsbury High School who regularly buys from the ice-cream van, would prefer there to be a sweets section available in school:
Q: “Why do you buy from the ice-cream van?”
A: “Because there are good sweets.”
Q: “Don’t you think it’s expensive if you keep buying from there?”
A: “I don’t usually buy that many expensive things but yes, sometimes.”
Q: “You know that it’s an instant C3 (detention) or sometimes a C4 (day in the referral unit), why take the risk?”
A: “Because there’s no-where else to buy sweets during school.”
Q: “Do you buy sweets in the morning? If yes then isn’t it unhealthy?”
A: “I don’t usually but yes it is unhealthy but loads of people buy it so it doesn’t really matter.”

Q: “Would you rather have the normal ice-cream van or a section in the canteen especially for sweets etc.?”
A: “I would rather have the section in the canteen because you won’t get a consequence but there might not be a variety of sweets.”

So as this student has said he enjoys eating sweets, he doesn’t, however, like the fact that you can get a severe consequence for it is unnecessary. If the school made a section in the canteen for a varied amount of sweets it would help to resolve this issue.


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