World Poetry Day

Poetry books in Kingsbury library
Poetry books in Kingsbury library

by Ashish, Vithusan and Mujtaba

21st March 2013 is World Poetry Day. World Poetry Day is where we appreciate of people who write poems and express their way of writing. In the year 2000 March 21st World Poetry Day began. The United Nations helps this organisation.

World Poetry Day is when children learn about poetry and its conventions. Over the whole day, they learn how to write some poems. Pupils in school are taught about everything from Wilfred Owen to the “Owl And The Pussy Cat.”

We interviewed Mr Beschi, who is an art teacher in Kingsbury High School. He is a poet too, and has written a lot of poems. He expresses a poem as a piece of art, because the way how you write you write a poem creates a picture the readers mind which really affects the reader.

We carried out a vox pop and asked different students about World Poetry Day and what they think about it:
We asked Katie of what she thinks about World Poetry Day. She said “Poetry is an expression for when you use feeling in a poem.”

We also asked Sara about what she thinks about poetry, and she replied “I like poetry because it uses different devices and makes you learn more.”

We also asked the librarian in Kingsbury High School about who are there favourite poet and she replied “Winfred Owen”

We also asked Kingsbury high schools Ms Snow of what her favourite poet is and she replied “Roald Dahl and Dr Zeus. “

So we come to the end of World Poetry Day and now we know what it is all about. We know people’s favourite poets and poems what they think about World Poetry Day.


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