Facebook before ‘fair’- teen?

38% of people change their birthday to access Facebook
38% of people change their birthday to access Facebook

by Rohan

Facebook is a worldwide social media website. Millions of people go on it for all reasons. It has been in the news recently for many reasons including when there was an app called “social suicide” which mocked the game called “Russian roulette”. This has brought up another question. Should people be allowed to use Facebook in school and under 13?

Facebook’s age limit is currently 13 although many people are trying to get it changed. It is this age because sources have told us that if they are under the age they might be bullied, sexually attacked or targeted by a gang. According to research done by MinorMonitor.com in 2012, 38% of children from 9-12 years old has a Facebook page with 30% of them being bullied. Parents were told to know their children’s passwords and usernames and go on it regularly. Although the age limit is 13, it is being questioned because people over 13 and young adults are also being targeted. Even if you have to be 13 and you have to put your date of birth, young children are putting false birthdays and there is no need for proof.

When interviewed, a mother of a year 8 student who preferred not to be named has said that she thinks that are under 13 years old are very vulnerable and easy targets for cyber bullying. If people in school use it regularly then they will always be on it which will make their siblings want it for themselves. Also she thinks that students will be on their phones all day which most schools do not tolerate and will make the situation of students especially in year 7 who are underage go on it more in front of teachers.

Although there are all these bad reasons to go on Facebook there are some people who think that children under 13 should be on Facebook. One of their reasons include that they can discuss their homework with their friends and if there are working in a group the can use Facebook instead of a mobile phone which would cost to send texts and calls. They also think that in some subjects at school you need social skills and that in the future when you get a job you will need these skills.


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