Celebrity influence

By Janki

Drugs drugs drugs… Is that the only thing teenagers think these days?

Recently, in The Sun newspaper, celebrity Tulisa was reported to have been caught with drugs. As a role model is this the example she should be setting? I think teenagers are influenced by these people and they think it’s cool enough to do it.

Teenagers in Kingsbury are worried about this. A KHS pupil, Sumaya said that she wouldn’t be influenced, but some people could and that they don’t tell anyone about it.

Celebrities such as Tulisa are spreading the disease of having drugs to young youths these days. In an interview with the Sun, she said that she was “an inspiration for broken Britain” and that she was a role model for her teenage fans. Nevertheless, she also mentioned that she had stopped the drug affair when she was 14. If what she said is true, how can she be rumoured to be involved in a drug scandal? It is reported that she was videoed using coded word such as “white sweets” and “green sweets”.

According to HowStuffWorks, in 1999 nearly all of high school students used illicit drug more than once a month. Steroids, Marijuana, Cocaine, LSD, Heroine and Ecstasy are used by teenagers more than once a month. This is disappointing as figures could have gone up since 1999-2013… Teens who take such risks have got alot of issues in their lives and maybe those teenagers should be talked to.


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