Nelson Mandela Dies…..

By Laveen, Varshneyan, Jaival and Fawaz

On December 5, 2013, at the age of 95 years, Nelson Mandela, the hero of South Africa sadly died of Respiratory Infection in Houghton Estate, South Africa. He had a long battle with ill health. “A great light has gone out of the world.” tweeted David Cameron, the prime minister of UK.

Rolihlahla Mandela, who got the nickname ‘Nelson’ from his former school teacher, celebrated his 95th birthday in a public hospital. His wife, Graca Machel, is thought to have been by his side when he died.

The African legend spent Nelson Mandelatwenty seven years in Robben Island prison for doing what he believed what was right. He protested in peace so that he could end apartheid but was met with violence. Apartheid, which was established in 1859, was the law that separated different people into ranks based on colour. It affected many people then. It means discrimination. Some people thought it to be childish, just to judge someone on their skin colour. But many people, especially white people, took it very seriously. They had different buses, schools, even different shops for black and white people to shop at.


Image via Flickr, courtesy of G Milner

A number of important people such as: Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, Prince   William and many more came to his funeral to celebrate the great life that this saint led. Nearly 8,000 miles north of Johannesburg, in Paris, leaders from 53 African countries attending a summit of peace and security observed a minute of silence for Nelson Mandela.

Mandela became president of South Africa on 10th May 1994 after being released from prison on February 11th 1990. He changed the world with what he believed in. South Africa became a ‘Rainbow Nation’, as quoted by Nelson Mandela himself. A nation where people respected each other, no matter what their skin colour may be.


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