What do you think of the new school Catering system?

By Nicole, Arezo, Amina, Shruti

Kingsbury High School, has decided on a new catering system.  After all these years the school will finally own their catering company and will have employed the chefs directly so they will be working for the school instead of another company.

Kingsbury High School had employees working for another company.  This flawless system had been running for many years until it got to the point where Kingsbury High School had some concerns.  The school didn’t like the fact that none of their ideas and improvements for the school canteen was taking place.  This was because the ideas had to go to the head office, and even still the canteen wasn’t changing for the better.  This was the reason why the school decided to employ the chefs.

This new information was announced to the student in assembly; to find out more information on the student opinion journalist, Nicole went to the school to get some students opinions. She interviewed Aaliyah, who regularly purchased lunch from the school canteen. Nicole went to the school on the 9th of December 2013 and sat down with Aaliyah to get some answers.

Nicole, who went straight to the point, asked “Are you pleased with the new ideas for the cateringsystem?”                                                                                                                                 “From what I have heard on the menu in the assembly it sounds great! I really can’t wait to put my hands on those tasty treats.” Replied Aaliyah, enthusiastically.                                 “What day or meal are you looking forward to the most?” asked Nicole, with wonder.           “I think that choose-day will be a great success. I will really try to get my favourite meal on the list!” answered Aaliyah.                                                                                                           “From assembly do you think that the new managers sound convincing?” questioned Nicole.                                                                                                                                           “Yes! They both sounded really convincing that their idea was going to work.  They were both enthusiastic and thrilled to get their ideas to us which made us interested.” replied Aaliyah, excitedly.

On the 27th January 2014, two reporters, Arezo and Amina, went to go and interview Ms Purtill, who works with the head of year 7 and has agreed with the decision of the new catering system.                                                                                                                         Arezo and Amina started off the interview with the question “What benefits does this new change have for the school?”                                                                                                       “The school doesn’t have to deal with another agency and we don’t have to worry about other companies.” Replied Ms Purtill.                                                                                                “Why a sudden change, why not before?” Questioned the interviewers.                                   Ms Purtill replied with the answer “when the catering started there was nobody there to manage the system so the school closed the contract with the company and when there was an opportunity to do our own catering, we tookit.”                                                               “How do you think offering free vegetables will get the children interested in healthy eating?” asked our interviewers,interested.                                                                                     “When the vegetables are available for free it will encourage the children in healthy eating as they will always be willing to try the free vegetables.” Replied Ms Purtill.                           The next question asked was “Who comes up with the ideas for the menu?”                           “The ideas for the new catering system comes from the senior leadership team, they are the ones that come up with the new results.” said Ms Purtill. The interview was drawing to close and the last question that Arezo and Amina asked was “We have heard that there have been complaints about the prices being unreasonable. What do you suggest?”               “I also think the prices aren’t reasonable however the quality and healthiness of our foods compared to outside companies is much higher. Therefore the prices have to be paid for the quality and precautions of the food.” Answered Ms Purtill.

To conclude this report, we think the new catering system is for the better but there are some improvements that can be made. 10 people were asked which catering system they preferred – the old one or the new one.  4 out of 10 people liked the new catering system as they thought the food was higher quality but the rest stated that they didn’t like the new system as they thought that there wasn’t enough variety of food choices for lunch. As most students didn’t approve of the new catering system. Staff are trying their best to make additional changes.


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