Which do you choose?

By Nadiya, Zahraa and Maheen

This has been the gossip lately. Which brand is better – Apple or Samsung?

We have decided, as a group, to bring this question to our school and to our classmates. So, to do this, we interviewed some of the students at KHS and have done a quick survey. These are our results:



We also interviewed some pupils on camera. Here are their ideas and their points of why they think the brand they chose is better.


Apple has taken over Samsung based on their customers. In 2013 Apple had 16% (approx.) more costumers then Samsung. The question is: what did Apple do to make their brand more popular? What unique qualities did Apple add to iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c? When Samsung Note 3 came out, (the end of last year) what made only 26% of mobile phone consumers want this interesting device?

To make their brand more popular, Apple makes their quality better. If you drop an iPhone it is very unlikely to break or get damaged, however, if you drop a Samsung it would be very likely for the screen to crack or for the border to get damaged.

Whenever I go on public transport, I find that most people who have a Samsung tend to have a cracked screen. This effects what people think about the product and might not like having to pay more to fix their phone.

When Apple took iPhone 5c and 5s, they made 5c have a variety of different colours, for example: blue, pink, green, yellow, white and black.

The new design of covers suits the colours and makes them look fun and also makes Apple seem unique.


iPhone 5s has new colours, like gold, which many people seem to find attractive – some may even think it looks glamorous or fascinating.

Rivalry between the two brands had intensified even more since both iPhone and Samsung announced they’ll be releasing a new phone –  Samsung are developing flexible phones (with the purchase of Liquivista) and Apple are working on iPhone 6 which, according to industry rumours, will incorporate a curved, transparent screen.


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