Overcoming Barriers

Everyday barriers occur at any unexpected time whether they are physical, emotional or mental. ‘Barrier’ has many definitions but overall it means obstruction. An example of a barrier could be trying to overcome a difficulty. Have you ever found yourself trying to overcome a barrier?

Serita Solomon (aged 24) is an athlete for the 100m hurdles. She recently competed in the Commonwealth games in Glasgow but had been faced with some unfortunate barriers to get to her goal. Luckily, we got to interview her. ‘Who inspired her to be an athlete?’ She was inspired to take up the sport by her brother but it wasn’t just handed to her. A barrier that she overcame was a physical barrier.

At 17 years old Serita injured her leg and this resulted in her no longer running. She had surgery and after rehab, which altogether took 3 years, she felt like giving up. However, with the help of her supportive family especially her mum- who was her coach – she was finally running again. She commented ‘My emotions were all over the place; I was nervous but was motivated to finish what I started.’

That wasn’t the only barrier Serita defeated. In 2013, someone had told her that she wouldn’t be the best athlete. Experiencing this discouragement from him pushed her to achieve her personal best (PB). The following year, she won gold and the negative man congratulated her.

Overcoming barriers are not always easily accomplished. A way to overcome an emotional barrier could be to talk to someone close to you or even a counsellor. Emotional barriers are rarely overcome alone and are disempowered through conversations with a trusted confident. Even professional athletes run into barriers that could affect their performance. The solution to defeating physical barriers can be as simple as having rest and being patient.

In addition to all these solutions, 8/10 people believe determination and motivation are equally important and are keys to overcome barriers. Everyone faces barriers but the only way they overcome it is by doing something about it.

By Neha and Khushi

Serita Solomon Presenting at KHS
Serita Solomon Presenting at KHS

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