The Right For An Education For All

‘Our future, our rights.’ This was the motto of the United Nations Declaration evening that was hosted in the Southbank by the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Gordon Brown) and Kailash Satyarthi (the Nobel peace prize winner).

In this new millennium, the world’s government made a promise to pledge progress in lives. They agreed that by 2015, every child in the world would have an education. As powerful people who can make a difference, the government believed that they should stand up for the rights of children around the world who couldn’t do it for themselves.

Gordon Brown, said ‘Education is not impossible.’ He told us that 58 million children around the world had no education. From this number, 32 million were girls; 14 million of them forced into marriage at early ages. As a Prime Minister, Gordon Brown signed petitions and joined campaigns supporting schools lost in war and other terrible tragedies; because after all ‘we can survive days without food and water but can’t survive a second without hope- never stop believing.’

Kailash Satyarthi was then asked how he felt about winning the Nobel peace prize. His reply was: ‘I was greatly surprised about this. I was just sitting on my desk when a colleague of mine rushed into my room and told me that I won the Nobel peace prize.’ He next told us that, for a living, he rescues children in slavery and who are forced to work against their will. ‘There are millions in virtual slavery’ was one of the quotes he told that night. Kailash told us how lucky we were and that millions of children around the world were forced into doing jobs like: picking coco beans or making footballs. When Kailash asked children doing both these jobs whether they liked chocolate or playing football, they replied that they had never eaten chocolate or played football in their lives- they had never even heard of them before.

After viewing this important evening, we have realised that education is the key to success. As quoted before ‘we can survive days without food or water but can’t survive a second without hope.’ Saying this, all the children around the world should still have the hope to think that they still have a chance at education.

United Nations Declarations Evening
United Nations Declarations Evening

By Rona, Neha and Munasar


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