George Michael dies on Christmas day

George Kyriacos Panayiotou also known as George Michael, 53, who was born on the 25 th of June 1963, has died very recently. In fact it was on such a happy day a week or so ago- Christmas Day the 25 th of December 2016- that he died. George Michael was an English singer, songwriter, and record producer. The reason he died is not entirely revealed yet- there are many versions of what he died. The Daily Mail Online have said that Michael, who had battled with drugs and depression, was said to have had a heart failure. The Mirror have said that the English pop star has died ‘living in fear of history repeating itself’. After his uncle Colin killed himself the day George was born, his grandad also committed suicide. His mum was scared of him being gay like his uncle, so he had to hide his sexuality until he was 29. George was found dead in his bed next to his lover Fadi Fawaz, 43. Fadi said that he had been sleeping on his own in a car, when George Michael died. Hollywood life mentions that the death is a mystery, but a medical examiner would perform tests to find out more. Michael was born in East Finchley, London. Michael spent most of his childhood in Kingsbury, London in a home his parents rented. He entered Kingsbury High School at the age of eleven. He had two older sisters called Yioda and Melanie.

By Erol Hayrula



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