Avalanche in Italy

By Marina Reyes 7H

July 2016-January 2017 has been a bad time for Italy. Italy has been at a terrible time due to all of these Earthquakes and avalanches happening. In many places in Italy has been damaged or people have been hurt from these earthquakes and avalanches so we need to ask one question- Is it safe to actually be in Italy?

There have been many stories on these Earthquakes and avalanche: but the most recent one was on January 18th 2017, where an avalanche happened .It was at a 4 star hotel in Abruzzo, Central Italy. The entire region of central Italy has been hit by the coldness and has been hit by snowstorms. People has left homeless by earlier quakes so they moved into the hotel, then the avalanche hit. Only two survivors stood there, but there are about 30 left. People fear of them trapped in the snow under all that rubble. Most people have been stuck inside sending text messages, for example; “Help, we’re freezing cold, send help!!”

January 19th, 3:58pm, the mountain rescuers have reported that there are 35 missing people left in the hotel. On the other hand, 3 anonymous people has been rescued and are resting comfortably. A few hours later, rescuers have destroyed the building and has been destroyed. . We are not sure is the remaining people are still alive but they will be found.


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