Blue Peter Time Capsule Dug up

A Blue Peter Capsule has been accidentally dug up by some workmen working close the O2 arena.Blue Peter is a well known TV show shown every Thursday.It was buried 19 years ago under the millennium dome. The presenters at that time who buried it were Katy Hill and Richard Bacon. It was actually supposed to be opened in 2050 however was accidentally opened now by the workmen. It was buried to mark the end of the millennium.

Objects found in the Capsule:

  • Roller Blade wheels
  • Asthma Inhalers
  • Tellytuby dolls
  • Toy car
  • Photos of Princess Diana
  • Photographs of the Oblivion ride from Alton Towers
  • Various stamps
  • Spice Girls CD
  • And many more things

In Conclusion


The building contractors have apologised to the Blue Peter team and have said that they will return it back into where it was but for now it has been kept safe in their office and they have let everyone at Blue peter know.


Zunair Amjad 7U


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