Saddleworth Moor Mystery

Attempts to find out who the man was led to an international police investigation.

David Lytton 67 from London was discovered at Dove stone dead on 12 December 2015. A court suspected that he flew into London Heathrow from Pakistan two days before his body was found. He was identified from photos from a passenger list and picked up by CCTV in London. Police believe he took his own life.

Heywood Coroner’s court heard that his body was discovered fully clothed. However with no wallet, no mobile phone and no CCTV footage of his last recent movement. Police have previously confirmed that he died from poising. In June 2016 the BBC investigated the mystery of the unidentified body.

Why did this man travel 200 miles to die on Saddleworth Moor?

The day before his body was discovered he traveled in a train London to Manchester. Later he went to a pub in Greenfield and asked the landlord the way to the top of the mountain.

By: Anojan and Kisho




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