An amazing app that helps blind people see!!!

An amazing man called Hans Wiberg has created an iPhone app called ‘be my eyes’, which lets sighted people help the blind ‘see’. The way the app works is that it connects blind and visually impA blind woman taking a picture of a canaired people with sighted helpers/volunteers from all around the world. They use live video chat to communicate and help. A  blind visually impaired person could get help with many different things, from getting help to check the expiry date on the milk, to navigating new surroundings. Say a blind or visually impaired person needs help at 4 o’clock in the morning, instead of calling someone at 4 o’clock in the morning the app would contact someone in a different time zone which is really cool. Personally I feel this app is very helpful, especially for someone who need help and there is no one at home. ‘Be
my eyes’ is the first ever app on the market which helps
blind and visually impaired people get in touch with sighted helpers/volunteers  through live video call. The app uses a shuffle-call system t
hat forwards the call to different people until it is answered, creating a connection to the first available helper. So far over 457000 sighted helpers/volunteers have signed up for ‘Be my eyes’ which is pretty amazing as this app is fairly new. Vicky who had been interviewed by BBC and has been blind since birth says……….. “What be my eyes has enable us to do is to feel more independent than we were before.” Many people have said ’Be my eyes’ is an astonishing app.

By Grace Ojumu 7B


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