Are girls and boys equal?

As being in the 21 st century, we promote girls and boys being equal and having the right to be friends but many people in our society cannot digest the fact that girls and boys are friends. Many people interpret that if a girl and boy are talking nicely together and are walking side by side that they are girlfriend and boyfriend, but that isn’t always the case. Many people deem girls to be weaker than boys but as being an equal country that SHOULD NOT be the case. I personally have faced this myself and I know how it feels to be put in a false relationship but I am only friends with that person and nothing else, so it is not fair to be put in such an allegation. Many ladies have earned themselves to success like American Olympic gymnast Simone Biles (who is deemed as the most successful gymnast in Olympic history.) and Ariana Grande (A famous and successful singer). I am not saying that men are less than women because I believe women and men are equal. We need to leave this “19th century,” thinking and need to live in the present and respect a person’s choice. Even if a girl and boy where in a relationship, we do not have the right to but in or give our opinion on it. We need to respect other people and their privacy. Many people around us can be friends with the opposite gender and many people reading this might be friends with a opposite gender, so does that mean we are in a relationship with these people? Have a thought. People who say stuff about a girl and boy being friends, do you have the right to say stuff about them?

by Anushaka 7U




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