Buying a new car think about a getting a diesel or an unleaded

The transport sectary has said that drivers should take a long, hard think before considering to buy diesel cars.

Chris Grayling said that the government was considering a scrappage scheme for older diesel cars.

There are concerns about the population in recent years.

The department of Transport said Mr Grayling didn’t say that we should stop buying vehicles that run on diesel.

This is after 1.2 million Volkswagen cars had a software to fake emissions tests

London is one of the worst affected areas in the UK for air pollution and the city’s mayor Sadiq Khan has asked the government to adopt a £515m diesel scrappage scheme to reduce emissions.

We know that not every vehicle that uses diesel while disappearing but it will still reduce a lot of admissions.

This aim was to support hydrogen and electric powered vehicles.


By Dylan Patel 7G


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