Do Aliens Exist?

Most people don’t believe in aliens. But most people do.

If you don’t know what aliens are, they are also referred to extra-terrestrials. According to facts, they are grey. Grey aliens can also be called, Alien Grey, Greys, Grays, Roswell Greys and Zeta Reticulans. They are named after their unique colour.

People think Area 51 is not real. Well; they thought wrong. Dr Boyd Bushman was a worker there, and have revealed Area 51 is real. In his time, he was studying UFO’s and alien life, but before his death, he did a documentary about all of this alien craft.

From information, no-one knows the exact location. They only know that is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States. You do not want to go there because it is heavily military guarded.

By Mari
na Reyes


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