Is it right to eat meat?

In our world life is very important to every human but not everyone respects the life of other animals like cows, pigs, sheep, chicken, rabbit, fish, turkey, zebra, and duck. Many people enjoy the taste of meat but imagine what the meat would fell if it could taste life.

As soon as someone is murdered they go straight to court but when a pig is murdered nothing ever happen. People should respect life even if it’s not their own. Humans weren’t really created in earth with a knife and fork. Humans weren’t born into the universe with the luxuries we have to day. It would be very difficult to eat meat without cooking it or even chopping it to bitesize pieces, so should we do it?

Life is precious to us because we only get one shot but other animals also only get one chance of living as well so we should respect that. Other animals like lions and crocodiles were created in the universe with strong razor sharp teeth so they were made to eat other animals, so they do. Animals such as rabbits, sheep, cow and mice weren’t created in the universe with sharp teeth and/or claws therefore they don’t eat any other animals. We don’t have razor sharp teeth and don’t have sharp enough nails to kill the animals we choose.

People may say now that they have read this what should we eat if we weren’t created to eat meat and artificial foods. My answer is fruit and vegetables this is healthy and may even help you live longer than if you eat any sort of meat. This is because eating meat may have protein but also contains loads of bacteria even if you do clean your meat properly.

Meat is bad for health and the peace and harmony of the world

By Vriya


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