The Lure of the Chinese Super League

Carlos Tevez, Hulk and Oscar have all be lured to the Chinese Super League. Didier Drogba, the legend himself, was once lured to the Chinese Super League. The league now rivals the MLS. The question is, what makes the CSL so popular.

My first theory is the money. Real Madrid was recently offered  £256million for Cristiano Ronaldo to transfer to an unnamed Chinese club of which he’d get  £85million in wages per year and a portion of the transfer fee itself (from the signing-on fee). Furthermore, reports say that Carlos Tevez is the world’s most paid player after his move to Shanghai Shenhua earning an annual salary of £32.7million. This eclipses Ronaldo’s current wage of £26.9million per year, with which he is the official highest paid footballer in the world. Many other players have been given high wages when moving to the CSL, including Graziano Pelle who is now the sixth most paid player in the world after leaving Southampton for the CSL.

My second theory is that the Chinese Government are using it as a propaganda tool. Many people’s faith in a state relies in their faith for the (national) football team(s). The Chinese Government have noticed this. They have also noticed that their national football team is absolutely rubbish. Therefore, they Chinese Government have given a lot of money to their football teams to sign players. However, due to China’s overpopulation crisis, the Chinese Football Association has limited clubs to having only three non-Chinese players per game. Kind of a problem for the Chinese Government Propaganda Plan.

My third and final theory is that the players are just bored. European football has ruled over the world for eons. In Brazil, European football is loved so much that from the moment a child is born they are involved with football. Two new sports (foot volley and futsal) have sprung out from football in Brazil. Instead of saying footballers, people in the UK say play
ers. It is every boys’ (and some girls’) dream to play for a European club. Football in Europe basically rules the world. Therefore, it is quite obvious that some people would be bored and tired of the one thing everybody talks about. After all, when something rules the world, you probably will be tempted to resist.

All in all, the CSL is a rising superpower in the world of football and soon will have a large effect on European football. However, due to the vast amount of money being spent for players in the Chinese Super League, there is a high risk that the clubs in the CSL could go bankrupt.

By Saaleh  and Mikul  7H


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