UFO’S what’s their secret?

So, UFO’S otherwise known as unidentified flying objects, have been on our mind for centuries, but what do we really know about these green Martians from mars?Well….we don’t.

Yes all these fantasied stories, don’t have any evidence to support them. At least not big evidence which we will be looking at.We know that they must have oxygen to breathe as all of the creatures we know on earth do. They must also have a habitable planet to live on as we do, and sensible conditions.

It is also known, that they must have evolved differently from us. Depending on the planet, if there were any life it would have to evolve or die out.We also must guess that they are intelligent beings and have technology around the same level as us, but possibly even more.

There have been no confirmed sightings of any actual beings, but there are interesting claims.Apart from all the fake ones, there are some interesting theories and sights.

To end, I would like to give you one interesting story that might get your cogs working:Phoenix Lights was a phenomenon that happened in  Phoenix, Arizona,  20 years ago.Lights of different assortments showed up about 300 miles from the Navada line.Witnesses say  UFO’s, producing no sound, and containing five spherical lights or possibly light-emitting engines blocked out stars as they passed.

So… Alien or not, that is the question…


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