Are lone parent’s lives that simple


Lone parents are one out of two parents looking after a child. Imagine having to look after your children all by yourself without the help of your partner of better half. Many parents get separated due to numerous reasons like: Not getting along, found someone else, had an affair, domestic violence etc. It is very hard for a lone parent to look after their child/children and we might never know how it feels. Many of us have the love of both our parents but some don’t have the love of both their parents. Some are deprived of the love of both their parents and might never get the other sides love. A lone parent has to be a Mother and Father being strict but caring at the same time and that is a hard job. Many people reading this might be thinking it is good to be a child of a lone parent and in some ways it is but in many it isn’t. It is good by the relationship you create and the thought that no one can come in between you two it keeps the bond tight, but it can be bad as you sometimes want the love of the other parent and you might feel upset seeing other children with both their parents, you would wish that you want both of your parents. But on the other hand, if we are children of lone parents you should be happy thinking that this person has kept you safe and has given you the love and care everybody deserves because some children don’t get the love of any of their parents. We should respect our parents and should thank the for looking after us because without them we might not be what we are today. If you are a child of a lone parent say thanks to them for caring for you and don’t care about what anybody says or taunts you about being a child of a lone parent cause you should be proud that your parent is a lone parent because they are the strongest of them all.
By : Anushaka




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