Coldest Spot in the Universe


Another amazing experiment is taking place by NASA who never fails to surprise us. A package containing the CAL (Cold Atom Laboratory) is on its way to the ISS (International Space Station). The CAL has important features like lasers, vacuum chamber and an electromagnetic “knife” that cancel out the energy of gas particles. Its job is to freeze gas atoms to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero and it is said to be arriving on the ISS this summer.

The coldest known place in the universe – outside labs – is Boomerang Nebula which is above absolute zero. “Physicists have been trying to cool things for a long time,” said project scientist Robert Thompson. Adding that cooling has previously led to valuable discoveries such as superfluid helium and superconductivity, many more discoveries could take place. “Studying these hyper-cold atoms could reshape our understanding of matter and the fundamental nature of gravity,” said Thompson.

NASA has never conducted experiments that create or observe substances in space. This unbelievable technology could lead to significantly improved sensors, computers etc.

By :Aryan 7T


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