Google’s driverless car make progress

Google Company had made  famous electronics and software products which had gone viral, since 1998.Like, Google Software, which has many websites inside it and it is mostly used in Europe, Google Pixel,a phone which Google made in 2016, it has 12.3 megapixel and it is sold in two sizes,5 and 5 inch, the Google are also planning to sell 3 million Pixel phones worldwide.

The new product by Google is Waymo car. Before when they made in early 2017 it was a two-seater car but now they are making it as a 5 seater car, the shape of it looks like a Range Rover Car. It is a self-driverless car. There are plans to make the self-driving cars available to the public in 2020. The price, which will be is £59767.50 to £63752.00. This project was started in 2015.It has one big camera sensor which spins to see the obstacles in the way. The key people in the making of this car is John Krafcik and Kevin Vosen.In August 2016, one car travelled 170,000 miles , of those 126,000 miles were driven continuously , also the car was fully in control.Google’s driverless car project is run under Google X, the moonshot lab, that is part Google’s parent company, Alphabet.This project was first found by Sebastian Thrun, who found Google X and served as a vice president.He was a professor of computer science at Stanford. He helped build Stanley, an automatic  car that won the 2005 DARPA grand challenge.The Google Driverless car is often known as the koala car.

By: Athisan


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