How to deal with bullies

This article is to help people in certain bullying situations. It will give advice to deal with every type of bullying situations such as cyber bullying and relational bullying.

Cyber bullying:

We all know bullying is one of the biggest problems as it can bring a lot of negative emotions and people suffer depression because of it. One of the worst type of bullying is cyber bullying. This is due to the fact that people who are bullying can be anonymous. The best way to deal with this is by making your account private. Furthermore, you should be careful of the websites that you use because people can find out your personal information. This usually leads to bad events. If this does not work contact ChildLine or tell an adult that you trust.

Relational Bullying:

Relational bullying is being left out or being prevented to join a group deliberately. Most people who do this are likely to be jealous or feel left out themselves. So to deal with this problem, try to let the person who is bullying you join in, in games and various other activities before they start doing it to you.


By Ridha and Kisho


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