Is animal captivity getting worse over the years?

Animal activity is getting worse over the years. Docile creatures, who mean us no harm, are taken to zoos, laboratory’s and much more. Even pets can be considered as being held in captivity! They are such gentle creatures and they are going against their own will by being taken to these places.

In zoos, animals can be stressed. Lions and tigers pace around their cages due to stress and pressure, which is really bad for animals as they could die from stress.

Animals bred in captivity has never seen a better life, but some wish to see one. Animals have the rights, like all humans in the world, to be free from cages and it is also not fair for them to be taken from their family.

Humans and animals don’t have equal rights when they should. Whenever a human is kidnapped, they get justice on what they have done, but whenever an animal is captured, the world does nothing about it. It makes no sense and they should have their own rights and should be living free and in their own home.

By Marina and Vriya


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