Is whatsapp chainmail getting out of hand

Whatsapp. Whatsapp can be a very good way to contact people and let people know things but sometimes it can get out of hand with chain mail. Many chain mails are being sent around, circulating to everyone with threats of if you don’t send them to someone else you will die, you shall never be happy, you will have bad luck, your mum will die and much more. Honestly it is very annoying. Another form of chain mail is missing people and fact mails. Fact mail is very bothersome, because most of the time the facts are wrong e.g. ‘there is cocaine in ketchup’ how ridiculous is that. I must admit some of them are true but most of them are rubbish. With missing people chainmail it works but one those people are found there pictures are still going around and people think they’re still missing. Chainmail can be good but it can also be bad. When it comes to chainmail with threats just ignore them.


By Grace


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