Our favorite song of all time

We’ve had a revolution of singing and dancing. We‘ve had loads of new trends come our way, dabbing and whipping. We’ve had emotional songs and pop songs that have made us cry or make

us dance on our tables. But only one artist, with that winning

song can take our music throne at Kingsbury high school.

We had a survey sent all over our year group and in the end we

did get a trifling result.

Ladies and gentleman, this is it.

The overall winner of almost 3 times No. 2, for our Kingsburians

is….. Closer, by Chainsmokers.

Well done to them, they achieved almost 20%!

In case you were wondering, Arianna Grande was 2 nd tied in

with Ed Sheeran and Tizzy X brand.

So as we get deeper into 2017 we just can’t help but wonder,

what the world might do next. So Bye and we’ll see you again

next time with some more craze-trend dropping songs.


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