School for Grannies in India

Women as old as the Queen of Britain are learning to read and write for the first time in the Village of Phangane.

For most grannies they get ready to go about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Most they describe this as the best time of the day. They go outside to join each other.

They like to call themselves students of India’s most unique school. Aajibaichi Shala is a school especially only for elderly women. The school has only 29 students aged between 60 and 90.

One of women who attended said,” We were four siblings and our financial condition was very poor. Our father was a daily wage labourer and couldn’t afford to send us to school. “

Stories like this women is the inspiration of the school. The founder of the school said, “Many of our grandmothers were ashamed that they were uneducated. I really wanted to do something for them. So I opened this school with the support of other villages. “

The activities are not just in a classroom. Every student in the school has a tree named after them. Each one is responsible for taking care of their tree.

Another women,” if I was educated then I would have liked to be a nurse or a child care worker. “

But the school is empowering them in other ways.  Some said they were embarrassed to use their thumbprint as their signature. But now they can proudly sign their name.


By Dylan


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