Slang and everything “y’all” need to know

Slang is a very informal way of talking or writing, e.g. I h8 u. It is very commonly used in schools and texting as it is basically a faster way of communicating. A fellow classmate stated “students use slang because they think they are cool”. Do you agree?

Even as a grown up, slang is just a faster way of texting. Some very common slang-type words are: u=you, r=are etc. Most people understand slang, unfortunately if you texted someone older slang the chances are they would have no idea what you’re talking about.

Are emojis slang? Emojis are little pictures that replace words. E.g. (a love heart), (a laughing face) etc. An interesting fact about emojis is that the most commonly used one is called ’face with tears of joy’. A companion stated that “emojis are like another language”. I personally agree, do you?

To round off I think that slang is very useful for the reasons upove.

By Adam


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