Sleep Situation

Many people are not getting enough sleep and this is costing the NHS £40 billion a year. Most sleep deprivation cases are coming from under 14-year-old that has tripled in a decade. Poor sleep increases the risk of obesity, lower immunity and long term mental issues. It is linked with poor school performance and lack of emotional control. Children under the age of 14 should be getting 9-11 hours of sleep but many are only getting 7 hours. Data shows that in 2015-16 over 8,000 cases of sleep deprivation under 14’s were admitted. Lack of sleep can cause obesity by upsetting the balance of the hormones that tell our brain that we are full or hungry, making it harder to control appetite. When we are tired, we crave food that are high in fat and sugar. If you are someone with a lack of sleep or can’t get to sleep then follow these simple tips: Go to bed earlier and the same time every night. Eat sleepy snacks like bananas. Avoid fizzy drinks and caffeine. Have a bath or shower 30 mins before bedtime. No TV, mobiles or tablets for 1 hour before bedtime. Have a steady routine Having too many sweets during the day     Children’s outraging and bad behavior could be caused to lack of sleep as a study of a hyperactive 7-8-year-old showed the reason for her being hyperactive was lack of sleep.

By Anushaka


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