Teenage suicide! Should it happen?

Bullying is one of the most common reasons for teenage suicide. A mother of 2 had lost her elder son due to him being bullied in school. The 33 parent had said ‘ He was my everything. He got killed by his so called peers who ended up as bullies.’ As this true story shows, bullying can cause damaging results.


Jonathan Bailey, is the unfortunate victim who suffered  deep depression due to bullying. He was in school one day when his school peers came up to him and teased him about his shoes. It continued when the following day, Jonathan came home from school with two black eyes and a dodgy knee. Mrs Bailey was aware of this and went to Jonathan’s school and asked what had happened. The school was unaware of the incident and escorted the mother out of the building assuring her that the matter would be taken into hand. It was the next day that Jonathan made the terrible decision of committing suicide.


It turned out that Jonathan was being teased constantly and was forced to keep his mouth shut. Police investigation shows that a teacher was involved in the situation and was a part of the bullying towards Jonathan. Further investigation showed that Jonathan died from food poisoning and wasn’t aware of his death at the time. Now it is 2017, it is legal for his ‘so called peers’ to be arrested. His teacher was arrested on the day of the found mystery.


As this story shows, bullying is a serious situation and should not happen. If you want innocent children to die because of bullying and want to end up in jail, go on, think about bullying. If you don’t want this to happen, change the world and prevent bullying for all.


By Sharunya



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