Toyota Investing More Money Into UK Factories


One of the most well-known car industrial company, Toyota, have recently been investing more money into the UK factories which produce the Auris and Avensis models. Toyota have spent an enormous amount of money into their factories which have totalled up to £240 million ($293m) to produce more cars than ever before, upgrading their resources to double up speed and quality. The Japanese company invested into the Burnaston plant near Derby will allow more production of the Toyota cars.

The factory already have over 2,500 employees while another 590 work at Deeside, North Wales. The financed factory in Burnaston have manufactured over 180,000 Toyota vehicles in the past year which have been exported across the globe, specifically Europe.

Toyota have done this for a precise reason, Brexit. The company knows that Brexit is approaching so they need to act fast. They invested more money into their factories as the EU will not have as strong of as a partnership with the UK to lend cash.

The government will be providing £21.3 million for training, research and development to improve the Burnaston factories performance.

This is Noel reporting from KHS Inc.



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