Trump Orders the Building of the Wall

By Vinay

On Wednesday 25th January 2017, Donald Trump ordered for a wall to be built between the USA and Mexico. This is to avoid undocumented immigrants coming in to America.

“Will improve safety in both countries” said Trump.

“A nation without borders is not a nation. Starting today, the US gets back control over its borders.” he said.

“This will stem the flow of drugs, crime and illegal immigration into the United States.”

Mexico are to pay for the 2000 mile wall, which could cost anywhere between $15 billion and $50 billion. However, Trump estimates the cost being $8 billion.

“The fight against ISIS starts at our border. At least 10 ISIS have been caught crossing the Mexico border. Build a wall!” Trump tweeted in October 2014.

As of late 2015, there was 652.7 miles of border fence along the border. He also had a head-start on the legislative side. When Luke Messer, the Republican Representative, claimed that the fence is authorized and it only needs to be funded.

Mexico has $1 billion whereas the US has $18.5 billion. There is no country with enough money to build the wall. The world has more than enough money to build it, but it will leave the 7 countries with the most money, including the USA, will be poor. At Trump’s estimate, Mexico will not be able to pay for the cost.

In conclusion, Trump is starting to build a wall between the USA and Mexico. There are many reasons for this and he has many head-starts.


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