Woman killed as Storm Doris hits UK

A women in Wolverhampton has died due to Storm Doris.Storm Doris is a Storm that came to the UK from the North. Meteorologists say that  the wind will reach up to 95mph, which has been proven true. A women and two other friends  had been in a car going home, when suddenly a gust of wind,snow and rain approached the opposite way at 94 mph that they were going in , and a few massive trees and rocks, hit their car and broke their glass, bent the top part of the car and in resulting in that, one women died and the other two people had  serious head injuries.The West Midland Ambulance said that the woman, just before when she was driving, she had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris (rubbish/ litter) fell on her top part of  her head.

Many people had suffered this high wind all across the UK: a driving instructor was lucky to brake quickly when a ginormous tree fell just 2 to 5 feet away. Also, an aeroplane lost control, but luckily gained the balance back and had to land on a different airport. Near Blackpool Tower, the Council had fitted a post which could bend in the wind like the Japanese Earthquake buildings.

By: Athisan


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