Evacuation after fire is started by inmate on roof

Around 60 inmates were evacuated after a fire broke out at HMP Guys Marsh. It is proved that a prisoner clambered into the roof and took his clothes off and set fire to them The fire is believed to have damaged the roof and inmates in the block were taken to a secure area The prisoner was brought down from the roof. A source said that protest started at 5:00 pm and hours later he started ripping tiles off before setting his clothes alight. Emergency services were called at 8:00 and discovered the fire, which was started deliberately  The inmate was treated by paramedics as there was a risk. They alter reassured the community there was no risk to those living in the area

By Dylan


Shooting in a French school

In the southern French town of Grasse at least two people were hurt in a shooting. The incident took place at Tocqueville school during lunch time and the 17 year old, who committed the crime, was said to be heavily armed with three guns and two grenades. The attack was so serious that anti-terrorist commandos from the elite Raid force were sent to the scene.

One student reported hearing four gunshots while another heard three loud bangs and turned around to see a shooter. Police say the headmaster seemed to be the target and was one of the few to be injured.

France are in a serious crisis after in a state of emergency for the past 18 months. There has been a terror alert issued however the boy is suspected not to be alone. No one is sure but local media say that there was a second shooter who was on the run.

By Aryan

People selling drugs on Facebook

Now you might think that social media is a friendly place to share your day to day basis with other people. Although it is all and well for you, there have been reports of people selling drugs. The drug comes on harmless paracetamol to cure your not-very bad health, however the packets have a number next to it which is P / 500. It is a new, very white and shiny paracetamol, doctors have shown to contain ‘Machupo’ virus, considered one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. There is a very high chance of you dying if you consume this drug. This virus include fever, headache, fatigue as well as including bleeding from the nose.

So you must be aware of the dangers of this so stay aware and be carefull.


By: Hamed, Idir and Athisan

Woman killed as Storm Doris hits UK

A women in Wolverhampton has died due to Storm Doris.Storm Doris is a Storm that came to the UK from the North. Meteorologists say that  the wind will reach up to 95mph, which has been proven true. A women and two other friends  had been in a car going home, when suddenly a gust of wind,snow and rain approached the opposite way at 94 mph that they were going in , and a few massive trees and rocks, hit their car and broke their glass, bent the top part of the car and in resulting in that, one women died and the other two people had  serious head injuries.The West Midland Ambulance said that the woman, just before when she was driving, she had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris (rubbish/ litter) fell on her top part of  her head.

Many people had suffered this high wind all across the UK: a driving instructor was lucky to brake quickly when a ginormous tree fell just 2 to 5 feet away. Also, an aeroplane lost control, but luckily gained the balance back and had to land on a different airport. Near Blackpool Tower, the Council had fitted a post which could bend in the wind like the Japanese Earthquake buildings.

By: Athisan

Pirates fire shots from hijacked Aris-13 oil tanker off Somalia

Somali maritime forces and pirates on board a hijacked oil tanker have started shooting at each other, according to reports.

The oil tanker (Aris-13) is anchored off the Somali coast near the town of Alula. An official said “We tried to intercept a boat that was carrying supplies to the pirates, but pirates on the ship fired on us and so the pirate boat escaped.”

A pirate named Abdulaahi is claiming have killed a member of marine force and injured another. This is the first hijacking in the region for five years, and maritime experts have accused ship owners of becoming complacent after a long period of calm.

By kaiyang 7S

Man Taking Picture of Children

This week, there was an incident that shook all parents. Down in Cressingham Park, there is a man who has been taking pictures of children.

Texts around some Primary schools have been sending text messages saying there is a man taking pictures.

The man two days ago, has been caught by the police but has ran away, the police does not know the identity of this man but he is seen as very dangerous and very harmful.

No-one knows why he was taking pictures, he could be taking them for selling them or for pleasure, but we all know that this is disgusting.

Everyone needs to be careful.

By Marina.

British man dies after being crushed in a cement mixe

A British engineer Mr Morris dies sadly at a cement plant in the Caribbean Island.

John Morris was taken to hospital but later was pronounced as dead.

Police said that he was using a rod when the machine pulled him. It took his colleagues several minutes to dig him out of the mixture.

On Tuesday police went to the compound to ask the colleagues what exactly happened.

An autopsy is expected to be ready by Wednesday.

By : Dylan 7G