People selling drugs on Facebook

Now you might think that social media is a friendly place to share your day to day basis with other people. Although it is all and well for you, there have been reports of people selling drugs. The drug comes on harmless paracetamol to cure your not-very bad health, however the packets have a number next to it which is P / 500. It is a new, very white and shiny paracetamol, doctors have shown to contain ‘Machupo’ virus, considered one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. There is a very high chance of you dying if you consume this drug. This virus include fever, headache, fatigue as well as including bleeding from the nose.

So you must be aware of the dangers of this so stay aware and be carefull.


By: Hamed, Idir and Athisan


The new £1 coins

Just 12 days to go until the new £1 comes out. It is out on the 28 of March 2017. Everyone is waiting for this. There are a few differences between the new coin and the old coin. As we speak 1.5 billion £1 coins are being made.


Why are we replacing the old coins?

The reason the old coins are being replacing is because it is said to be that 1 in 30 coins are fake. This is the first time the £1 coins are being replaced after 1983. The new £1 coins will go for more than a pound if you get the first batch of coins that were made. So beware find the first batch and you could win a lot of money.

What does the new coin look like?

The new coin looks very cool. The old coin is circular whereas the new coin has 12 sides. The new coin is a dodecagon (a 12 sided shape) it will look much better. Do you think it is much better?


So the new £1 coin is going to come out. You will have to grab all your old coins and replace them. I hope everyone is very excited for the new coin made by The Royal Mint.


By Mikul

Woman killed as Storm Doris hits UK

A women in Wolverhampton has died due to Storm Doris.Storm Doris is a Storm that came to the UK from the North. Meteorologists say that  the wind will reach up to 95mph, which has been proven true. A women and two other friends  had been in a car going home, when suddenly a gust of wind,snow and rain approached the opposite way at 94 mph that they were going in , and a few massive trees and rocks, hit their car and broke their glass, bent the top part of the car and in resulting in that, one women died and the other two people had  serious head injuries.The West Midland Ambulance said that the woman, just before when she was driving, she had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris (rubbish/ litter) fell on her top part of  her head.

Many people had suffered this high wind all across the UK: a driving instructor was lucky to brake quickly when a ginormous tree fell just 2 to 5 feet away. Also, an aeroplane lost control, but luckily gained the balance back and had to land on a different airport. Near Blackpool Tower, the Council had fitted a post which could bend in the wind like the Japanese Earthquake buildings.

By: Athisan

How to deal with bullies

This article is to help people in certain bullying situations. It will give advice to deal with every type of bullying situations such as cyber bullying and relational bullying.

Cyber bullying:

We all know bullying is one of the biggest problems as it can bring a lot of negative emotions and people suffer depression because of it. One of the worst type of bullying is cyber bullying. This is due to the fact that people who are bullying can be anonymous. The best way to deal with this is by making your account private. Furthermore, you should be careful of the websites that you use because people can find out your personal information. This usually leads to bad events. If this does not work contact ChildLine or tell an adult that you trust.

Relational Bullying:

Relational bullying is being left out or being prevented to join a group deliberately. Most people who do this are likely to be jealous or feel left out themselves. So to deal with this problem, try to let the person who is bullying you join in, in games and various other activities before they start doing it to you.


By Ridha and Kisho

Environmental committee has made a decision

By  Erol 

The environmental committee has made a decision to make a club to protect KHS and its environment. It is not known when this club is going to take action, but for now we at the committee are asking you to keep Kingsbury High School clean. You can do that by:

  • Collecting litter;
  • Fixing bins in their right position if they are overturned;
  • Not dropping litter on the fields and playgrounds.

If you are interested you can speak to Miss Vishnuram at K or a school council rep included in the committee. Thank you.

Is The Pollution In Brent Too High?

The air pollution in Brent has increased dramatically and if nothing is done, the affects could be catastrophic.

Ruth Cadbury Labour MP, “Last week’s air pollution was worse than Beijing’s”

Labour MP Ruth has quoted that ‘last week’s air pollution was worse than Beijing’s’ The Chinese capital Beijing has experienced serious pollution for many years due to emission from five million motor vehicles, coal burning in neighbouring regions and dust storms.

Last week peaked the highest pollution level recorded in the capital since April 2011. Different countries measure pollution in different ways UK measure using a scale between 1 to 10 and last week was 10 in London. Last Monday some parts of London were higher pollution levels than Beijing But this wasn’t the case for most of the week. The WHO (World Health Organisation) suggest that Beijing’s pollution level is five times higher than London’s. Are the UK government going to find a solution before it is too late?

By Aryan

Adam gets accused

Famous footballer Adam Johnson has been sectioned for child sexual assault and has been sentenced for 6 years in prison.

He has been accused of sexually touching and grooming a 15 year old fan. He admitted to the accusation and the jurors found him guilty as charged. He has been with a girlfriend called Stacey Flounders who is pregnant. It has been said that the grooming has caused the victim trust issues and ‘severe psychological harm’. The former wing player, who played for England 12 times, will now be kicked out of the England men’s football team. Do you think that Adam Johnson is right? Comment Below for us to here your opinion.  
By: Anushaka 7U