The new £1 coins

Just 12 days to go until the new £1 comes out. It is out on the 28 of March 2017. Everyone is waiting for this. There are a few differences between the new coin and the old coin. As we speak 1.5 billion £1 coins are being made.


Why are we replacing the old coins?

The reason the old coins are being replacing is because it is said to be that 1 in 30 coins are fake. This is the first time the £1 coins are being replaced after 1983. The new £1 coins will go for more than a pound if you get the first batch of coins that were made. So beware find the first batch and you could win a lot of money.

What does the new coin look like?

The new coin looks very cool. The old coin is circular whereas the new coin has 12 sides. The new coin is a dodecagon (a 12 sided shape) it will look much better. Do you think it is much better?


So the new £1 coin is going to come out. You will have to grab all your old coins and replace them. I hope everyone is very excited for the new coin made by The Royal Mint.


By Mikul


2017… Is Going to Be AWESOME! (For Movies At Least)


“With great power comes great responsibility.”

“May the force be with you.”

“I’m Batman.”

“It’s morphin’ time!”

“The things I’m gonna do for my country. “


2017 is going to be an awesome year for movies. The likes of Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, Spiderman: Homecoming, and xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage are going to come out this year.

Many have been waiting for the new Star Wars movie since the franchise-owned by LucasFilms (LucasFilms itself is owned by Disney) – released The Force Awakens, their first movie in 10 years (the last one being Revenge of the Sith). Carrie Fisher is due to appear in The Last Jedi despite her recent death. After Fisher’s death the producers of The Last Jedi released a statement that filming for the movie had completed before her death. However, as Fisher had a contractual obligation to appear in Star Wars IX, its back to the drawing board for LucasFilms.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” You guessed it, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is back in the box-office. Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures agreed to share rights of the Spiderman character. However, this Spiderman isn’t American…he’s British! After Andrew Garfield was sacked from his job, proud Briton Tom Holland stepped up to the role. IGN ranked Spiderman 3rd in their list of top 10 comic book superheroes. When thinking of Marvel, most people associate it with Spiderman as he is the face of Marvel. As Spiderman was introduced in Captain America 3: Civil War, we luckily don’t have to go through another Spiderman origin story. Famous actors, Zendaya and Robert Downey Jr. will also star in the movie.

The new fast and furious 8 is nearly out. Just one more month to go! fast and furious 8 is coming out on the 12th of april. I already know that this movie will be a hit after the last one fast and furious 7. This time vin diesel betrays his family. As the team try to stop vin diesel, he has to fight.


By: Saaleh and Mikul

Woman killed as Storm Doris hits UK

A women in Wolverhampton has died due to Storm Doris.Storm Doris is a Storm that came to the UK from the North. Meteorologists say that  the wind will reach up to 95mph, which has been proven true. A women and two other friends  had been in a car going home, when suddenly a gust of wind,snow and rain approached the opposite way at 94 mph that they were going in , and a few massive trees and rocks, hit their car and broke their glass, bent the top part of the car and in resulting in that, one women died and the other two people had  serious head injuries.The West Midland Ambulance said that the woman, just before when she was driving, she had suffered head injuries when a piece of debris (rubbish/ litter) fell on her top part of  her head.

Many people had suffered this high wind all across the UK: a driving instructor was lucky to brake quickly when a ginormous tree fell just 2 to 5 feet away. Also, an aeroplane lost control, but luckily gained the balance back and had to land on a different airport. Near Blackpool Tower, the Council had fitted a post which could bend in the wind like the Japanese Earthquake buildings.

By: Athisan

Google’s driverless car make progress

Google Company had made  famous electronics and software products which had gone viral, since 1998.Like, Google Software, which has many websites inside it and it is mostly used in Europe, Google Pixel,a phone which Google made in 2016, it has 12.3 megapixel and it is sold in two sizes,5 and 5 inch, the Google are also planning to sell 3 million Pixel phones worldwide.

The new product by Google is Waymo car. Before when they made in early 2017 it was a two-seater car but now they are making it as a 5 seater car, the shape of it looks like a Range Rover Car. It is a self-driverless car. There are plans to make the self-driving cars available to the public in 2020. The price, which will be is £59767.50 to £63752.00. This project was started in 2015.It has one big camera sensor which spins to see the obstacles in the way. The key people in the making of this car is John Krafcik and Kevin Vosen.In August 2016, one car travelled 170,000 miles , of those 126,000 miles were driven continuously , also the car was fully in control.Google’s driverless car project is run under Google X, the moonshot lab, that is part Google’s parent company, Alphabet.This project was first found by Sebastian Thrun, who found Google X and served as a vice president.He was a professor of computer science at Stanford. He helped build Stanley, an automatic  car that won the 2005 DARPA grand challenge.The Google Driverless car is often known as the koala car.

By: Athisan

Is social media bad for children ?

There has been a question every parent has wondered is social media bed for children ? Social media can be good used for good for texting posting pictures and sharing images with family . But it can also be used in a bad way for example bullying , inappropriate language ,messages and photos .


The good part of social media is that you can communicate to friends and family  that live on the other side of the world . It is especially important these days as children and teens use text and messages to speak to close ones . It can also be used to show important events in their life .


On the other hand , there is a bad part to social media . people can get threats inappropriate language ,messages and photos . This also comes with bullying with can affect someone a lot .


In conclusion social media media has good and bad parts but if you use it safely you can enjoy it .


By Ana Maria


Is whatsapp chainmail getting out of hand

Whatsapp. Whatsapp can be a very good way to contact people and let people know things but sometimes it can get out of hand with chain mail. Many chain mails are being sent around, circulating to everyone with threats of if you don’t send them to someone else you will die, you shall never be happy, you will have bad luck, your mum will die and much more. Honestly it is very annoying. Another form of chain mail is missing people and fact mails. Fact mail is very bothersome, because most of the time the facts are wrong e.g. ‘there is cocaine in ketchup’ how ridiculous is that. I must admit some of them are true but most of them are rubbish. With missing people chainmail it works but one those people are found there pictures are still going around and people think they’re still missing. Chainmail can be good but it can also be bad. When it comes to chainmail with threats just ignore them.


By Grace

Slang and everything “y’all” need to know

Slang is a very informal way of talking or writing, e.g. I h8 u. It is very commonly used in schools and texting as it is basically a faster way of communicating. A fellow classmate stated “students use slang because they think they are cool”. Do you agree?

Even as a grown up, slang is just a faster way of texting. Some very common slang-type words are: u=you, r=are etc. Most people understand slang, unfortunately if you texted someone older slang the chances are they would have no idea what you’re talking about.

Are emojis slang? Emojis are little pictures that replace words. E.g. (a love heart), (a laughing face) etc. An interesting fact about emojis is that the most commonly used one is called ’face with tears of joy’. A companion stated that “emojis are like another language”. I personally agree, do you?

To round off I think that slang is very useful for the reasons upove.

By Adam