Make America great again?

Donald Trump’s motto as we know throughout the campaign is “make America great again”. America? Donald Trump must be getting too comfortable in his office chair, because he’s only the president of the 50 states of the U.S.A. He speaks in
general about America, but he does not have power over it. There are the two states of Alaska and Canada and also the whole of Central America.
He claims that he will make it great again so, it’s not good enough already? He has no right over it but he publicly says make it ‘great again’ implying that over time it has gone down. So he paints these not-thought- through thoughts, when actually it is already great. Culture to standing up to rights this continent has achieved a lot.
By Danial Bakhtiari

Ways Children Get Bullied

Most people believe that children get bullied more often during the 21st century .People believe that children these days are stressed and have problems like cyber bullying that makes their life harder .

Many believe that some of the reasons  children get bullied is because of their appearance and this causes serious problems like anorexia  ,physical injuries, emotional problems,social problems, and even death.Bullying can be in any shape or form but most teenagers experience it while using social media. This can make a person be very emotional and make them have a   very low self esteem.

Reasons why bullies do it might be because they have been bullied in the past or have a problem at home therefore take their anger and problems out on their peers and friends. Sometimes they do it because they have low self-esteem and feel like they are more powerful or stronger when hurting others.

Ways to stop bullying are talk to an adult ,teacher, friend or most importantly someone you trust. Do not bottle up emotions or feelings, it’s better to feel angry or upset rather than keeping all those emotions inside of you.

By Anna Maria Antonesi

Donald Trump

A Texas congressman has joined calls for Donald Trump to be impeached for allegedly “exceeding his constitutional authority” with a temporary ban on refugees and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Joaquin Castro, a Democrat serving in the House of Representatives questioned whether the new President had instructed the US Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP) to disregard court orders against his executive order.

“If Pres. Trump ordered CBP to ignore a judicial order he should be censured as a warning. If he does it again Congress should remove him,” Mr Castro wrote on Twitter.

“I have tremendous respect for the presidency but our Republic cannot tolerate a President who ignores direct judicial orders.

Freedom to travel for law-abiding citizens is a fundamental human right. Yet even before the pen-stroke calamity of Donald Trump’s presidential decree, I’ve long been aware of several countries in the world who won’t let people like me


Blue Peter Time Capsule Dug up

A Blue Peter Capsule has been accidentally dug up by some workmen working close the O2 arena.Blue Peter is a well known TV show shown every Thursday.It was buried 19 years ago under the millennium dome. The presenters at that time who buried it were Katy Hill and Richard Bacon. It was actually supposed to be opened in 2050 however was accidentally opened now by the workmen. It was buried to mark the end of the millennium.

Objects found in the Capsule:

  • Roller Blade wheels
  • Asthma Inhalers
  • Tellytuby dolls
  • Toy car
  • Photos of Princess Diana
  • Photographs of the Oblivion ride from Alton Towers
  • Various stamps
  • Spice Girls CD
  • And many more things

In Conclusion


The building contractors have apologised to the Blue Peter team and have said that they will return it back into where it was but for now it has been kept safe in their office and they have let everyone at Blue peter know.


Zunair Amjad 7U

Holocaust Memorial Day

Last Friday, we remembered the millions of lives lost during the terror and tyranny of the holocaust. It has been 63 years since this tragedy happened.

In 1939, Britain and France declared war upon Germany because their racist leader, Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland. This began a grievous war that tore apart families and wrecked countless homes, leaving tens of thousands starving and homeless.

 Hitler persecuted groups he felt were inferior, including Jews, disabled people,black people, gay people and communists. Holocaust Memorial Day serves to remember this terrible event so we never repeat it.

By Kasper Drybala and Hamza Rahim


The Biggest Inauguration Ever

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KHS News

Donald J. Trump was inaugurated into the position of President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States recently. Many have been wondering if he is the right man for the job .

Trump’s inauguration was “low-key” but ironically was be the most expensive one ever. Future candidate for The 2020 US Elections, Kanye West was rejected to perform as he wasn’t “American” enough.

If you’re wondering what an inauguration is: it is a ceremony where someone is official placed in office. In the USA, it is a tradition dating back to George Washington (the first president of the USA). Traditionally, the inauguration of a President in the US takes place on the 20th January. However, if 20th January falls on a Sunday, a private inauguration takes place with the Chief Justice and on the Monday afterwards a public one is held. One example is Barack Obama’s inauguration for his second term as President which took place on January 21st 2013.

Trump is the 45th President of the United States and the fourth to hold the title in the 21st century (the others being Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The inauguration began at 14:30 GMT with musical performances to open until 16:30 GMT when Mike Pence (Trump’s vice-president) was sworn in to office until finally at 17:00 GMT Trump was sworn in.

To end the Obamas’ time as the First Family, they met with the Trumps at the White House for a morning tea.

By Saaleh Abanur 7H

Is homework helpful or stressful?

Is homework helpful or stressful? Let’s find out. Homework can help you in exams and covering those bits that you have trouble with, but only if it’s given in appropriate amounts. By that I mean no more than 10 a week. That’s what I estimate would be just enough to keep children out of stress but away from their consoles. More than this could cause stress…

Stress shouldn’t appear in a child’s life and especially because of the quantity of homework they get. Stress caused by homework (for example) can have worse consequences than getting a lower grade in an exam. It can cause: no focus in lessons, unusual behavior and many more. How much homework do you get given? Too much?

By Adam Ornoch 7Y